Everything You Need To Know About Universal Car Remotes

Universal Car Remotes

If this is your first time dealing with a broken car key fob, you've reached the right place. We are going to introduce you to the universal car remote world and tell you why this solution works great for so many drivers.

By knowing how these devices work, you should also comprehend what to expect from a locksmith. If you have dealt with missing or damaged key fob in the past, we are going to tell you what you can do to steer clear from this problem in the future with the help of universal remotes.

What Are Universal Car Remotes?

https://www.ontimelocksmiths.com/universal-car-remotesShortly put, universal remotes for cars are remotes that drivers can use on any make and model of a car, similarly to the remote controllers that can be used on all TV models. The way this remotes work is extremely similar to the mechanisms of regular key fob remotes:

  • Lock and unlock the doors on any vehicle

  • Control the lock on the trunk

  • Compatible with all types of vehicles, including domestic models and imported cars

  • Imitate the design and functions of original key fobs

  • Waterproof

  • One universal remote plays the role of 216 different remotes

Usually, best results are obtained with car models that were manufactured starting 1997 and all the way to 2014. The remotes usually come with a three-year guarantee.

How Do Universal Car Remote Work?

Car owners dealing with faulty key fobs or missing keys on their cars can use universal remotes as excellent replacements, either temporarily or permanently. The universal remote also works on batteries and it comes with a programming manual that skilled drivers or car locksmiths can use for accurate setup. It also comes with a pushing fob switch that should be used in a certain order.

The company responsible for manufacturing these remotes claims they sell models compatible with thousands of makes. Nonetheless, if you drive a modern keyless ignition or a keyless lock car, the universal remote might be of no good to you. The manufacturer claims they are working to release a remote model that would fix this compatibility issue.

At the moment, these remotes are sold online as well as at a few offline stores. The costs for having a broken or missing key fob replaced at a car dealer usually goes high up, reaching hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Plus, you will also need to cover the cost of having the new key fob programmed in such a way that it matches your vehicle. A cheaper and faster alternative is provided by expert locksmiths like the 24/7 On Time Locksmiths team. However, if you are looking for a different approach, you could see if a universal car remote is suitable for your needs – and compatible with the vehicle you are driving.

How To Program A Universal Car Remote

It is possible to program a universal car remotely on your own, without any help from locksmiths or car mechanics. Plus, the process is fast and should not take you more than ten minutes, by following the exact instructions in the remote's manual. If the manual is missing or you feel it is too complicated to have the remote programmed by yourself, you can always get in touch with us to lend you a hand.

Here are the main steps needed to program a universal car remote:

  • enter your vehicle and make sure all the doors are closed, trunk included. Place the ignition key in the ON position by having it moved until the dash light moving is ON. Wait 5 seconds then push the LOCK button shortly for about one second. Release the button and switch the key to the OFF position. Next, wait until the dashboard lights are off and repeat the process four times. Each of the steps must be completed in five seconds.

  • Once you are done turning the key for the last time, wait for a clunking lock sound. This is an indicator of the remote being in the programming mode. Do not remove the key yet, but instead push the LOCK button after 5 seconds, then the switch for one second, before releasing it.

  • When you are done with all these steps, switch off the ignition and take out the key. Exit the vehicle and proceed to lock the doors. Now test your universal remote and determine if it works on the doors and trunk lock.

How To Avoid Having Key Fob Problems Again

If you are someone who usually deals with lost or missing key fob issues, you can avoid these annoying problems by having your locking system inspected for faults and services periodically. A faulty key fob can also be tied to a broken lock or ignition switch, so make sure you schedule periodical maintenance visits with your local locksmith.

You could also invest in a universal remote for your car in case you own a model that is compatible with the existing universal remotes on the market. Keep it somewhere where you can reach it easily, when in need and avoid handling key fob problems that prevent you from driving your car.

Contact Professional Automotive Locksmiths

If you are not sure which universal car remote would work best for your vehicle, talk to expert locksmiths with lots of experience in the industry. We have an excellent stock of remotes for domestic and imported vehicles, along with key fobs and original car remotes. We can assist you with programming and reprogramming key fobs and universal car remotes for your exact make and model. We charge affordable rates and we answer 24/7 emergency calls.

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