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Wheel clamps are usually preferred by RV and caravan owners in an attempt to prevent their vehicles from being stolen or towed away when parked illegally. Nonetheless, this does not limit their use to RV drivers. All car owners can use a wheel clamp to keep their ride safe from the hands of thieves trying to break into their cars and take off with them. Wheel clamps are extremely easy to install and use. The clamps lock together the wheels using the gap in the alloys.  These security devices are attractive for those people who cannot keep an eye on their cars when parked on the street somewhere either during the day or night or for drivers who live in areas with high rates of property crime.  However, choosing the most suitable wheel clamp for your car is not as easy as it may sound, if you do not have any experience shopping for a wheel clamp or you would like to know you will be making the best choice possible, these next tips should provide you with all the information you need.

How to Choose Suitable Clamps For Your Wheels

For starters, the wheel clamps must perfectly fit your tires. This means they will not trigger any car damage, while also being sturdy enough to withstand any theft attempt. When looking for a wheel clamp to buy, make sure you first take your time to properly measure the rim of the wheels, as well as the width of the tires, and also consider whether you have wheels made of allow or steel.

Are Sold Secure Types of Wheel Clamps Better Options?

Wheel clamps that have received the approval of the police to be sold on the market will give you more peace of mind. These car security devices have been thoroughly assessed and certified by independent testing bodies, with the intent to keep property crimes to a minimum.   The best wheel clamps are made from weather-resistant steel and it has the right thickness to lower the risk of any saw, cut, or drill attempt of getting into a car at bay. The fact that an opportunist thief trying to take off with your caravan or vehicle would need a bulky power saw to get through these wheel clamps makes them solid choices.  A universally fitting clamp for wheels will usually fit a tire measuring as much as 27cm in terms of thickness and it would also be able to effectively withstand as much as 3500lbs in terms of force. This means the clamp should not break when someone will try to drive away with the vehicle. A colorful clamp that can be easily spotted by passers-by and other drivers should also represent a great deterrent for thieves. These wheel clamps should also be easily attachable and also simple to unlock, feature at least two separate keys, and have affordable prices.

Keep in mind that not all wheel clamp models are as effective as the best automobile anti-theft products on the market. Some will rise issues in matters of locking pins or their locking mechanism and keys might not work the right way. The keys could easily bend or the pins could risk falling out, especially when they are new. This is why it is imperative to have the lock properly tested on several different occasions prior to using the clamps to ensure there will not create further problems.

The Best Wheel Clamp Devices For Your Vehicle

Maypole Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp does a good job at thoroughly covering the nuts of the wheels wheel, while also stopping the wheel from turning. This means potential thieves should have an even more difficult time it even harder than removing it without the right key. This wheel clamp can also be adjusted and it can fit a 10 to 16-inch wheel problem-free, with tires measuring between 135mm and 215mm

wheel clampOne of the biggest advantages of these wheel clamps is the fact that it can be quickly fitted in a matter of just a few seconds after the correct size is set, and it can also be used without having to remove the trim of the wheel. The clamp also comes with rubber pads set to prevent damages to the wheels. Other features worth mentioning here refer to the fact that the locks are protected against corrosion and that they come with three keys. This will help you keep a key on each keyring for your camper for enhanced security.

Bulldog CA2000C Centaur Wheel Clamp

These wheel clamps are compatible with 4x4 cars, as well as vans and motor homes and they need to be installed with the top arm folded down to one side, with the other two arms slid on any side of the tire. Next, the centre plate will need to cover the nuts so it can cup the tire. The third arm needs to be raised up to the 12 o’clock position and the middle nut needs to be tightened with the help of a spanner. The red triangular hood needs to be placed over the middle bolt and locked with one of the keys.  The high visibility of this wheel clamp is also beneficial for users, along with the drill-resistant feature and the fact that the lock cannot be picked easily make this model very popular on the market. The strengthened arms that can be adjusted for any size of the wheels and the recommendation for use on wheels made of alloy are also worth mentioning here.

Make sure to contact a professional car locksmith that specializes in wheel clamps to help you choose, fit, repair, and maintain the best wheel clamps for your camper vehicle or car for best results.

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