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Looking to have your window locks repaired? Our locksmiths can help you out with all your window lock repair and window lock replacement needs.

Window locks are crucial when it comes to the security and protection of your home. When most of us think of our home's security, we may consider the importance of having hefty door locks, an alarm system and maybe extra security for our garage. However, sometimes we neglect to consider one of the most crucial parts of home security: windows.

window lock replacementOur locksmiths for windows can help with:

  • Window lock installation
  • Window lock repairs
  • Window lock replacements
  • Window lock changes
  • Window lock bars
  • Locks for antique windows

Windows can be one of the most vulnerable places in a home and, if not secured properly, can be the perfect entry point for people trying to burglarize your home. Here we will discuss the proper safety measures you should be taking for your window security and the best kinds of locking systems for your particular home windows.

Increasing security for your home: Window security options

For double-hung windows, casement windows and sliding windows, there are many devices available to lock them securely closed or allow a limited opening for times when you would like them to be open for a breeze, but still unable to be forced open all the way. These are some of the more popular window lock types that may be right for your home.Window lock repairs

  • Pin locks- The locks work using a pin that slides into the window frame or casing, or attaches one window sash to the other.
  • Keyed locks- Keyed locks are the the highest level of security for window locks because they require the proper key to be opened and are usually some of the most difficult to force open.
  • Sliding locks- Sliding windows have locks on both sides where each window frame can lock into place. Sliding windows can be less secure as some windows may be easily lifted off the track. It is recommended to keep bar or rod in the track to avoid it being forced open. The same is recommended if you have sliding doors in your home.
  • Folding latches- Folding latches are one of the most common types of locks installed in homes today. These windows can be latched closed by a fixture that secures one window to another and come standard on several kinds of windows.
  • Wedge locks- These locks only allow the window to be opened a certain amount for a breeze or sunlight, but have a mechanism in place to protect it from being forced open all the way.
  • Key track stop- These can be installed in sliding windows or standard windows and they stop the window from moving on the track.

Home security systems and window locks:

When planning for comprehensive security coverage of your home, it's important to integrate your windows into your home's security system by installing sensors that are hooked to the alarm system. These are often magnets connected to the window and window casing that will alert the system when the two are detached. Security systems with window monitoring have various options for tracking movement of windows ranging from the notification when a window is open, to an alert system when a windowpane is broken. Attaching any of these alerts to a sounding alarm will deter theft of your home and syncing these notifications with your smartphone will ensure that you are the first to know of any movement in and around your home.

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If you notice that you have a window that isn't closing properly or a lock that isn't functioning optimally, give us a call. We can install new window locks and make recommendations for increased coverage like alarm systems, window security bars, or keyed lock installation. Our residential locksmiths carry all their equipment with them so they're ready for any task at any time. They always have the capability to rekey locks, make new keys, install and repair locks, remove broken key pieces, and even fix lock problems in your vehicle. We also offer home and office security assessments so you have access to all of our expert advice. When it comes to security for windows, our professionals at On Time Locksmiths have years of experience, and they'd love to lend a hand in making your home as secure as possible. 

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