The Disadvantages of Windowed Doors

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Thinking of installing a windowed door? Whether a sliding door, french door or just a window door, these doors can pose a serious threat to the security of your home.

With the craze for adding modern doors and windows to the contemporary house, manufacturers have come up with several new aesthetic-looking windowed doors. These are available in various sizes and forms such as French doors, patio doors, and sliding doors. French doors are popular these days in both new and renovated houses as they have beautiful wood-work throughout the glass pane.

Windowed doors are effective as they offer a lovely view of the outdoors and work well to connect interior rooms such as a dining room and a kitchen. In addition, they provide extra sunlight, extra passageway and allow the people sitting inside to see the view of their yard. They allow fresh air to enter your home while keeping bugs away!

Even though there are several benefits of adding windowed doors to your house, they have their disadvantages as well. When you are considering installing sliding doors, patio doors or French doors to your home, you need to be aware of the following:

Difficult Installation of Windowed Doorswindowed doors

It takes a lot of effort and time to get a windowed door such as sliding doors installed in your home. The installation is not limited to simply fitting the door into a set of hinges, as it is imperative that you install tracks on the top and bottom of the door frame.

You need to set the frame into the tracks correctly so that the door is not crooked. The base of the sliding door usually has wheels that need to perfectly align with the tracks so they don’t make any noise which can bother people when opening them.

The Track Attracts Dirt

The sliding door is aligned on a track that can become the storehouse of dirt and grime in just a few days! The track is composed of several grooves that gather debris and therefore, in order to keep it clear, you need to clean it regularly.

 In addition, the track can house mold and mildew, particularly on sliding doors that are near bathrooms. This is because the track remains open to moisture for a long time.

There are several corners of the sliding door that one cannot easily reach to clean. Consequently, dust collects in such areas as well, making the entire look of the door shabby.

Door Jamming Issues

A windowed door such as a sliding door can gradually face jamming problems due to the accumulation of dust or dirt. When the door is jammed, it becomes hard to move and doesn’t close fully, which in turn can pose a threat to your home security.

In certain cases, the sliding door can misalign from the tracks and does not fit properly, which ultimately requires a whole new installation. It is imperative that you grease the tracks of your sliding doors regularly to ensure that they move effortlessly without causing any noise or trouble. Jamming issues are usually common in glass and aluminum doors since they are heavy and quite difficult to move.

Windowed Doors are Costly

Windowed doors such as glass patio doors can cost you a lot of money for installation, particularly those made of high-quality material and which provide improved energy efficiency. The doors that are less-expensive are prepared from vulnerable material and therefore, they become damaged with steady use.

Some homeowners consider getting aluminum sliding doors installed in their house; however, they might not work well in regions that experience extreme temperatures since the metal door frames can attract ice in winter and may not open properly due to low temperatures.

Windowed Doors Can be a Threat to Your Security

Windowed doors, including sliding and patio doors, are easily accessible by burglars who can gain entry to your home by smashing the glass. These doors might look pleasing and contemporary but they put the safety of your house at risk.

Doors are an important part of your home’s security and windowed doors with a glass pane offer intruders a wide view of your belongings. This harmless action may tempt burglars to break into your house to get hold of your valuables. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep your home and family members safe from snooping eyes.

Some homeowners believe that sliding doors come equipped with security systems that one can’t temper. When they are making changes in the security systems of their house and working to strengthen them, they forget to check the security of their sliding doors!

It is worth noting that burglars often find weaker entry points to make their way into homes, a windowed door could be a great opportunity when left unsecured. Taking suitable precautionary actions to keep your home protected from burglars is always a step to your advantage.

Ways to Strengthen the Security of Your Windowed Doors

If you have windowed doors like sliding doors in your house, make sure that you inspect them closely for any security issues and work to fortify them. Below, we have mentioned a few simple tips to help you out:

  • The latch on the doors can effortlessly be broken, so make certain that you add stronger locks to discourage robbers from breaking in. You should consider adding a bar (of high-quality material such as solid wood or metal) into the tracks of the door to hamper movement and stop them from being opened.
  • Consider buying a small chain with a fastener. They are meant for a door and are used on both handles of the doors to lock them together, adding an extra layer of protection to your door and preventing anyone from attempting to enter.
  • You must add a window security film to fortify the glass pane of your sliding door. These films can withstand huge pressures and work to prevent both damages from climatic conditions (strong winds) and break-ins.
  • Consider installing a motion sensor security system, that will alarm you in case someone does manage to break-in

These are some effective ways to increase the security of your home by fortifying your windowed doors. You can consider taking the advice of our professional residential locksmiths that are experts in this field. They will help you by offering you the best recommendations for strengthening your home security!

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