The World's Most Secure Safes And Vaults

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Here you will find an impressive list of the most secure safes and vaults in the world. There are some vaults that are so secure, that no one has ever tried to break into them.

Safes are extremely important for a number of reasons. They do not only help us keep our prized possessions safe from harm's way, but they also keep potential burglars at a distance and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Accidental home fires and floods, tornadoes and other destructive natural phenomena could completely destroy items that cannot be replaced. Why take chances when you can opt for one of the hundreds of models of safes and vaults on the market? Need help deciding which brand is the best? These next few lines should give you an idea regarding the best safes and vaults on the planet. While you may not be able to use the fine of safes Fort Knox, you can get an idea of the type of options out there. For any questions or assistance with installing a new home or office safe, feel free to get in touch with us and let us help you.

The Fort Knox Fortress And Its Vaults

In order for someone to penetrate Fort Knox, they would first have to get past the four fences surrounding it. Keep in mind two of them are electric. Next, they would have to get by the armed guards, steer clear from the surveillance cameras and struggle not to make any loud noises while blasting through the granite walls reinforced with 750 tons of reinforcing steel. Besides the dozens of locked doors next on the menu, the wannabe intruders would also need to figure out how to get past the 22-ton vault door.

Yes, it is possible to open this impressive vault, but you would have to come across all the staff members who know only part of the combination. There isn't a single staff member who knows the entire combination, so it is necessary to find them all. Assuming someone would be able to magically do all of this, they will next have to break into the rest of the small vaults found inside the big vault. There are 5000 tons of gold bullion stored in these vaults, but the 30,000 soldiers, tanks, artillery, and attack helicopters which are part of Fort Knox’s military camp will be most likely welcoming you on your way out.

No one has ever attempted to break in since the vault opened in 1935.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, The El Paso BunkerCheyenne Mountain Complex

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is one of the most solid defensive military bunkers in El Paso, Colorado. It is part of the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station and it hosts several tenant units. The employees here enjoy one of the highest levels of work security, given the 25-ton doors protecting them from intruders. These doors are capable of withstanding a 30-megaton blast, while their offices are found 2000 feet below ground level, into the granite of the mountain.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Found 390 feet beneath a Nordic mountain, this vault is located on Spitsbergen Island. It hosts more than half a million species of plants and it is naturally safeguarded by hundreds of miles of ocean. Add a few thousand polar bears and you get the picture. It can withhold a nuclear holocaust and powerful earthquakes and it's three seed vaults are found behind four solid doors made of heavy steel.

The Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

Located near Wall Street, The Federal Reserve Bank hosts 25% of the global gold deposits. We are talking about more than $270 billion gold bullion hidden in this bunker located 80 feet below ground. It is surrounded by solid rock and protected by a steel door that weighs 90 tons.

The Bank of England Gold VaultBank of England Gold Vault

This is the second-largest vault in the world and the largest vault in England, storing more than 5000 tons of gold. Featuring a door that can withhold a bomb attack and one of the most advanced voice recognition systems on the planet, it requires keys that are three feet long to be opened. While the bank refuses to provide details concerning the weight of the door or the distance at which the safe is buried, it is known that it is larger than a 50-story building.

Bahnhof And WikiLeaks

This is also one of the largest safes and vaults on the planet, and it is located in Stockholm, one hundred feet below ground level. It is a nuclear bunker that hosts a huge number of critical data centers, including the WikiLeaks servers. It is protected by a 1.5-foot steel door and relies on back-up generators that can keep it going for weeks in a row in case of a power outage.

The Iron Mountain, Home Of Warner Brothers Vaults

Located 200 feet underneath the ground, the Iron Mountain hosts 1.7 million square feet filled with vaults. These are not just any vaults, but the most secure safes on the planet and only 5 percent of the owners are made public. Among them, we can mention Warner Brothers or the Smithsonian Institution. Think in terms of thousands of historic recordings, photos, and film reels, a huge data center, all protected by armed guards.

The Granite Mountain, Home Of The Mormon's Church Library

This huge vault is home to the genealogical library belonging to the Mormon Church for over five decades. It is found 600 feet beneath the mountain and hosts more than 3.5 billion images on microfilm. It is protected by armed guards and a door that can withstand a 14-ton force.

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