The Best Key Trackers

If you are the type of person who regularly misplaces his home, car, bike lock, locker, office cabinet, or door lock keys, you should consider buying a key tracing device. These systems can be easily attached to keychains and they require you to push a single button on a distinct unit or rely on a smartphone and a key tracking app to rapidly locate missing, stolen, or misplaced keys. Below you are going to find a brief key tracking security guide that should tell you how to purchase the best key control systems on the market.

Advantages of Using Missing Key Tracing Software and Key Finders

  • Key tracking devices are able to locate missing keys. If you lack discipline, you have a bad memory or you are simply burned out on most days, you probably tend to misplace a lot of items, keys included. A reliable key tracking device should help you retrieve lost or misplaced keys in no time and save you the money you would pay for a new set of keys or copies.

  • Lots of models can also easily locate other types of items, besides keys. Electronic key finders work great as trackers for remote controls, wallets, and travel luggage. Some trackers also let you share the finder with different other users so you can join forces and track missing items a lot easier and quicker.

  • Key tracker apps and key tracker for fobs save you precious time. When misplacing one of your keys, you can skip the long hours of desperate and stressful search and avoid having to trace back your steps to figure out where you've last seen the keys. Save yourself from the extra hassle and use the best car key tracking device you can afford to buy.

Different Types Of Key Tracking Devices

Bluetooth Key Trackers
Bluetooth key trackers are tied to smartphones and they work together with them, with the help of special tracking apps. This means you will always need to carry your phone on you and also make sure to keep it charged at all times if you want to easily track down lost keys. It is also possible to use a smartphone to locate lost keys or rely on the keys' sensor to locate a missing smartphone.

Key Tracking Devices With Radio Frequency Options
The trackers rely on radio signals and there is no need to carry a smartphone on you, use an app, or have a connection to the internet on your phone to use them. Setup is smooth and simple and locating any lost or missing keys is done with a simple transmitter responsible for sending radio signals. The matching sensors will light up or they can also sound the alarm on the keychain and help you almost immediately locate the keys.

Audio Key Tracking Devices
While not very popular, this is still one of the available types of key tracking devices that you could consider investing in. Each part of the tracker is used as the transmitter and the receiver. These trackers can emit loud beeping or chirping sounds with the other half hearing the beeping and beeping as a response. The system doe not need Bluetooth or RF to function.

The Best Key Tracking Security Devices To Buy

Tile Pro
Tile is the world's most popular key finder that uses Bluetooth and their Tile Pro device is sold with batteries that can be replaced is their best-sold model. This is because it comes with a very loud ringer, which should make finding your lost keys an even easier chore. Plus, the device can cover an area of 400 feet, which is impressive for such a device. You will need to use a phone that has the Bluetooth function on it and also make sure that you will be comfortable with the sensitive surface of the tracker that can get easily scratched.

Click 'n Dig D2 Key Finder
The device has two receivers and it is sold with a Wireless RF remote as well as a wallet locator. The tracker uses two key ring receivers and its ringing can be as loud as 90 dB. Its antennas are excellent for proper reception and the tracker is shaped like a bell shape. All you need to do is press and hold down the button on the radio transmitter and make sure the matching receiver with the same color starts to beep so you can start tracking the missing items. The device can cover an area of 60 feet and it also located keys that are located across walls or hidden beneath blankets, leather sofas, and so on.  You can use the tracker to track down any lost or missing remote controls, wallets, smartphones, or keys. The device works at 433 MHz and between 90 and 105 dB. The remote can reach a distance of 60 to 80 feet.

Keyringer XL
This model can be used to find missing keys, Tv remote, eyeglass cases, television remotes, and even purse. Toe the KeyRinger to any object you would like to keep a close eye on and use one of double-sided foam tape for hard flat surfaces and you should be ready to go. For missing keys, you will get to use the device connected to a TV remote to find the kets. When the remote is missing, the KeyRinger connected to the keys will help you find the remote.

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