Five Ways For Burglar Door Proofing

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When protecting your home against theft, we often overlook the most important feature; keep your home safe, using these 5 tips to burglar-proof your front door

When it comes to protecting our homes, we often think of new-fangled ways to secure the sides of our homes, doggie doors, closing windows and getting the fanciest, best high tech security systems imaginable. While these are each worthwhile methods to pursue, the one place we simply cannot forget about, the one place we walk through every day, often more than once a day, and the one place that is by far the easiest path for burglars to cross, is the front door.  

The days of leaving our front doors open and allowing come- what- may in and out of our homes is sadly, very long gone. In fact, those days were probably not as safe as we once believed, but the world at large was definitely a safer place to live.  Truth be told, security is no joke nor has it ever been, and that is why it is so necessary for all of us to wake up to the very real dangers that are out there. Now, talk of home security is not meant to scare people of course, but whether we like it or not, guarding the people we love and the things we have worked hard for is a conversation we all need to have.

Our Five Tips to Front Door Burglar Proofing

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So what can you do to effectively keep the bad guys out, especially from the front door?  Here are our locksmith's top five tips for burglar proofing your front door.

Install a Light Over Your Front Door

Light has a way of scaring people away, especially people you do not want at your door.  Not only can more be seen in the light but it makes casing your home and studying how to break into it harder to conceal.  With illuminated conspicuousness on the table, or at the door to be more specific, would-be burglars are less likely to try to break in through the front door.

Make Sure Your Door’s Strike Plate is Secure

A strike plate is a metal piece that attaches to the frame of your door. When closed, the door lock and strike plate line up and keep the door tightly secured.  Any damage to or insufficient installation of the hardware needed for a door lock can make it that much easier for a burglar to get in. Make sure all your doors, and especially the front door, have properly installed strike plates

Use a Motion Detector

With the infrared beams they emit, motion detectors can identify both wanted and unwanted intruders at your door.  Though there may be a few false alarms because the motion detector has identified you as a moving object, the right motion detector can ultimately be worth its weight in gold.

Connect a Door Alarm

Because they do not wish to draw attention to themselves, burglars will often steer clear of homes with alarm systems.  Make sure that your front door is alarmed and that you engage the alarm every time you leave the house, whether for a week or 10 minutes.

Make Your Deadbolt Impossible to Pick

With a lot of hard work and far too much practice in the field, anyone can break or pick even the sturdiest of deadbolts. Despite the security most deadbolts afford you, there are some that are simply better than others. Contact On Time Locksmith to help you choose the best lock for your door and have it installed properly.

Why You Need to Keep Your Front Door Protected

It may seem almost ridiculous to have to remind folks that they have to close and lock their front doors, but reality proves that such reminders are not ridiculous at all.  Too many well-intentioned, but far too trusting individuals, in cities and rural areas alike, seem to downplay and grossly underestimate just how important it is to keep their front doors locked.  The best way to conceptualize and understand why front doors are so important to keep closed and locked is to think about the way in which each of us walks into our homes. Considering the fact that the most frequently used path for us is our front door, it stands to reason that burglars would choose the same path as their entry point into our homes, our belongings, and our lives.

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Lest you think we are going a bit overboard with our message about keeping your front door closed and locked, consider these phenomena:   

  • The vast majority of burglaries occur at midday, a pretty unsuspecting time for most of us.  The reason? Most people are either not home, out running errands, or picking up kids from school during that time.  And because people typically stay close to home while taking care of these chores, they often forget or neglect to lock their front door.

  • Generally speaking, burglars prefer breaking-in doors as opposed to busting windows, because the sound of glass crashing to the floor is harder to mask than a loud bang.  Additionally, it is much easier to cut yourself and leave your blood and DNA on shards of glass vs pieces of a door.

  • Lastly, most criminals and probably even your neighbors, are keenly aware of the fact that lots of people leave spare keys under doormats or under rocks, both real and fake.  It is great if you have closed your door and even locked it. Just make sure you do not hand the key over to the people who want to break in!

For help with installing any of the above- mentioned security measures, or any locksmith needs, call on our expert locksmiths to assist you!

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