Car Ignition Key Extraction Services

Looking for an urgent Vehicle Ignition Key Extraction Service? Call upon our expert key extraction technicians to get help within 30 minutes! Call our 24-hour locksmith service today for all your ignition key extraction services. Our professional team specializes in the extraction of keys from the ignition cylinders using the latest and most effective technological equipment to remedy your emergency pronto! 

mobile locksmithsOur skilled locksmiths guarantee the extraction process will not damage the ignition system if the key is not lounged in too deep in the cylinder. Our technical team is adequately equipped with all the modern locksmith necessities for all car ignition issues you are facing. Our services are reliable as they are accessible to you 24 hours a day inclusive of the weekends and holidays!

Car Key Extraction Services we Offer  

Any attempts to extract the key without specialized tools will move the broken key piece deeper into the ignition causing extensive damage to the lock. We advise you not to try this on your own and request you entrust us with the responsibility. Our professional car locksmiths have adequate field experience in this category hence will only take up to 20 minutes to deliver a comprehensive service.

Car Ignition Extraction Services:

  • Extraction of keys from frozen locks
  • Removal of keys from rusted ignitions
  • Extraction of keys from dirty ignitions
  • Removal of automated keys from faulty ignitions
  • Removal of keys bent in the ignition

If the broken key can still start the car even when stuck in the lock, our professional team advise against using it to start your car because this would damage the entire ignition system making it mandatory for the entire system to be replaced.

Car Key Extraction Process

Usually, the car keys break at the point where the key head connects with the shaft of the key. The proper tools to articulate the process of extraction must include a broken key extractor tool or for other professional a toolkit for key extraction. The practical approaches when using the two sets of equipment only differentiate in very minimal ways but lead to the same outcome.

car key extraction from ignitonThe simple basic procedure seeks to slide the key out after firmly catching it the choice of the extraction tool. To make this easier a professional locksmith lubricates the entire lock to make the sliding easier. The lubrication also prevents further physical damage to the lock which could work to prevent replacement of the entire ignition. On getting to your site our professional locksmiths will perform a diagnostic to determine how deep the broken key is inside the lock. The extractor equipment grips on the bites on the broken key then induce a twisting motion aligned with the movement of the extractor. 

The broken key extractor kit, on the other hand, utilizes a combination of spiral extractors, a hemostat and extracting pliers.  For the extraction kit to work the locksmith has to use a copy of a key that fits in the ignition lock even though partially. The spiral extractors are inserted into the keyways until they are near the broken key. By twisting the extractors in a clockwise manner the broken key starts sliding out. The process demands gentle hands and once the piece is on the keyway the locksmith will use the pliers and the hemostat to pull the key out.

Preventing Car Ignition Broken Key Emergencies       

  • Any crack on your key is an indication of a pending breakage. Contact us immediately for a key replacement to avoid car ignition key extraction inconveniences.
  • During winter when it is extremely cold, do not expose your car key as it is during this time that most keys break due to adverse weather.
  • Make sure the ignition cylinders are free of any debris and dust deposits as they may create stress inside the ignition system.
  • If you notice that the key is developing a strain when turning in the ignition, instantly lubricate your lock to restore smooth turning
  • Avoid applying excessive force when torquing your key in a functional ignition

Additional Services We Offer

Lock repair

The problem could be in the lock system as opposed to the key. When the ignition cylinder is not aligned to match the key cut the lock will cause strain to the key hence breaking keys regularly. On Time Locksmiths offer you a comprehensive service that will restore your automotive lock system to its normal function. 

New key cut

To prevent future ignition key extractions our locksmiths will assess the condition of your keys and make necessary corrections where applicable. This is in regard to bent keys or generating on-the-spot key replacements if the broken keys do not have a duplicate. Prior measures like servicing faulty locks and car keys can protect you from emergency situations involving the ignition system. Our locksmith service will not leave anything to chance when reviewing considerations affecting the normal functioning of your car locks, key, and ignition systems.

Our 24/7 Emergency Car Ignition Key Extraction Services

Our 24-hour emergency services are accessible to you whenever you need your broken key extracted no matter your physical location. Our locksmiths are locally based, fully licensed, bonded and insured to deliver professional service like no other in the automotive locksmith industry. Our emergency services are very affordable to all clients and are standardized throughout the year hence no one will charge you any hidden fees on the side.

Emergency Services We Offer:

  • Emergency broken key extraction services for all car models
  • Advanced lock system installation
  • Emergency lock, key and ignition replacement
  • On the spot key cutting services

Call On Time Locksmiths service today and get your car ignition key extraction service instantly at a record time all for a very competitive price!

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