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We are a nationwide team of local locksmiths that everyone in the city can count on. No matter what you need, phone our central hotline and we will dispatch a certified and licensed professional to you in 30 minutes. No matter where in Chicago you are, we can help. 

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Preventing a Lockout with a Chicago Locksmith

When answering the phone call, you probably left your keys in the trunk and shut the door without realizing it. And now won’t open. You have two solutions to this problem. The first is to destroy the lock and take your keys out in the second is to break the back seat, open the trunk, and get your keys out. Obviously neither of these is something you want to do by yourself. Just call our professional locksmith services. Our full-service locksmith company can help you with any situation, opening your trunk, solving your lock problems, whether it is early in the morning or late at night. Even if you have already given it a shot your self and failed, we can step in and help you. Our locksmiths are professional and experienced. Everyone under our employ uses safe unlocking techniques and tools. Moreover, each of our locksmiths is properly certified using the latest techniques. It is well within your right to try and pick the lock yourself but it will save you a great deal of time and money to simply call on our professional services first. Whether you’ve lost your keys in your car, broken your ignition key, or left your remote key in the car trunk, our 24 hour emergency locksmith services are an easy and suitable solution.

We keep your homes locked up tightly

Residential Locksmith Chicago Homeowners Trust

Most people don’t think about the locks and keys they use to get into their home, car, or office. Once you install a set of locks the first time you tend to forget about them. But sometimes the devices you continue to use day after day are no longer suitable for your needs. Sometimes the locks can wear out or stop working as well which then puts your property and yourself at risk. Living in the city or living in the country you still need to protect your home. Many people like to believe that everyone else in the world is honest and the bad things won’t happen but there are people who might pray on your vulnerabilities including broken locks or insufficient security. That is why it is imperative that you invest in good quality systems and have our local locksmiths help you assess your security devices to make sure that your home, car, and office are sufficiently protected. Before it is too late, make sure that you are not a victim of crime by keeping your home, office, and car safe and protected. Our local locksmiths can give you the peace of mind you need to know that your needs will all be met. We can help you to go over your security situation. If, for example, you have multiple people coming and going out of your home, lots of children and lots of guests, we can help you to set up smart phone related locks which give you notifications as soon as somebody leaves or enters your home using the correct code. You can also set up individual codes for each of the users you have so you know who it is leaving your home at what hour. For people who rent rooms in their home or use vacation rental services, having things like doorknob key codes can be a much better solution compared to traditional locks and keys. With traditional locks and keys you have to physically give somebody a key, hoping they don’t lose it. More importantly if they lose it while they are out and about, you have to wait for them to let them back in the house. They could accidentally leave the property without returning the key and then you have no idea where the key is.

Finding Your 24 hour Locksmith Chicago

We know that time is money, that is why we offer 24/7 local locksmith. The cost of making so many duplicate keys and knowing that there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic in and out of your home is quite high. One of the solutions our business locksmith services can help you with is setting up new lock systems which utilize the same hardware you already have. You can stick new hardware on top of your door knob structure which requires a code to open and lock the door. When you have the code system, you will, as a homeowner have the ability to regularly reset the code. So, if you are renting out a space and you have somebody move out, you can reset the codes to not only the individual bedroom doors but to the front and back doors, maybe even the garage doors. If you are renting rooms on a daily or weekly basis for vacation rental services, you can reset the codes after each tenant leaves, never worrying about losing your keys again. Moreover, you can provide each subsequent tenant with extra security, letting them know that they have their own code. If they forget the code, simple text message or email will suffice and you don’t have to go all the way back to the property. This is particularly beneficial for people who don’t actually live in the space they are renting or perhaps live out of town.

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What Customers Say About Us

Jannie W.
W. 29th street

Dave is great! He was punctual and professional. And after installing the new locks on all of our doors, he cleaned up after himself! The same cannot be said for the last service I hired… would definitely recommend and use again!

Adrian Stanton
S Kenton Ave

We live not too far from Chicago and I spend about a hour and a half to get to my office. Mornings are always in a hurry for me and a broken door would be the worst I could expect. However, this was exactly what happened. I had no time to lose and so I called 247 Ontime Locksmiths. The expert guy from Locksmiths could fix the problem and I could go to work.

Tim Lewis
E Van Buren St

My car door didn’t open at all. Just a phone call to 24/7 Local Locksmiths and in less than 15 minutes I could drive my car again! Good job!