Home Security Check For The Winter Months

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Find out what are the main winter home security checks you should focus on during this cold season. From your door locks to the window locks and isolation to the lights and heating system. Many things can be done DYI style while the rest will require a specialized locksmith to help you with getting your house ready for winter.

Who doesn't love to cozy up with hot cocoa and a soft blanket in front of a fireplace in the winter? The days are getting shorter and colder and we feel the need to spend more time indoors. Or maybe we can't wait to go skiing or ice-skating every weekend. But did you know there is a different category of people who also love to spend their time inside your home, even though no one invites them to? We are, of course, talking about home burglars who like to take advantage of the long dark hours. Plus, lots of people choose to leave home for winter break, which usually means their homes will remain completely and vulnerable. If you do not wish for neighborhood burglars to target your home next to this winter, make sure you go through the following winter home security checklist.

Our expert locksmiths have prepared a brief, but useful list of things to inspect in terms of home safety during the winter months.

What To Pay Attention To During Winter

Take a security survey

home security during the winterGet in touch with an expert security company that specializes in residential buildings and ask them to assess your home for any potential threats and vulnerabilities. Make sure they also go round your property, front and back yard, fenced, shed and pool areas and determine if there are any issues you should know about. The smallest glitch in an electronic lock or a broken part inside a lock cylinder could make a burglars' jobs a lot easier. You could also talk to a reliable locksmith service that caters to the needs of homeowners and have them accurately inspect all of your lock, padlocks, and keys. Professional locksmiths will usually perform a security check or take a survey and closely inspect various home safety aspects that you would usually miss.

  • Are your ground-floor windows are properly secured with the help of grills, bars, sensor alarms or small-keyed locks.

  • What about the door that separates your home from your garage? Does it have a sturdy lock on it? Are you into the habit of constantly checking if it is locked?

  • Do all the locks on your exterior doors comply with the British Standards?

Locksmiths and home security specialists can also issue recommendations concerning ho to handle these vulnerable spots and safety hazards and they are worth contacting each winter.

Check Your Lights

We are not only talking about the holiday lights you are probably eager to put up. Since the days are getting shorter and shorter, you are going to need to use some extra light to make sure your property is well-lit and thus protected against potential threats light is a more powerful burglar deterrent than you might think. The trick is to ensure all your interior and exterior lights are working in pristine shape every winter. You will want to create the illusion your home is inhabited every day – just make sure you don't overdo it, or you will obtain the opposite results. Choose a timer for your lights and use it to switch your lights on even when you are away on holiday or out for dinner or ice-skating in the evenings. It is best to use random times for when your lights will turn on, so you do not raise suspicions when it comes to detail-oriented burglars who will quickly notice your lights are turning on at the exact same time every night. There are lots of apps that can help you remotely control your lights from any location. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection.

Have Security Cameras Installed

Security cameras are an excellent addition to any home security system. They are good solutions that can keep burglars away, as no one wants to be caught on camera while doing the deed. Get in touch with us if you do not already have any exterior surveillance cameras installed.

Check Your Home Alarm System

If you already have a home alarm system installed, make sure that you have it inspected periodically. Preferably, schedule the assessment sometime early in the fall. It should give you plenty of time to deal with any issues the security inspectors may discover.

If you do not already have a home alarm in place, go online and look up the most affordable models that have decent features and good customer scores. You could opt for something simple you can install yourself following a few simple instructions, choose a smart alarm system with a video doorbell and remote access into your home via a smartphone or a more complex system that will require professional installation services.

Additional Home Security Checks For The Winter

  • Take photos of your most prized possessions and use a UV pen to mark your jewelry and designer clothes. In case they do get stolen, you should have an easier time retrieving them.

  • Trim down any tree branches, bushes or cut back any trees that might be preventing you from constantly observing your home from the street. The more hiding spots a burglar can use, the more likely he is to succeed in his endeavor.

  • Remove any spare keys from their hiding locations, be it nearby windows, mailboxes, the patio or underneath flowerpots.

  • Make lists of all of your valuable items and keep them somewhere safe.

  • Try not to keep large amounts of cash inside the house.

  • Do not share your winter holiday plans on your social media accounts, or you will be topping off crooks who will know exactly when your home will remain empty.

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