Transponder Keys VS Car Key Remotes

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Knowing the difference between a transponder key and a car key remote will help you handle any malfunction faster and easier.

The classic flat metal car key we are used to has started to slowly, but surely lose its usefulness over the years. While it continues to be used to open almost any type of lock available out there, its popularity is being surpassed by fresh locking mechanisms that are more convenient to use and safer to use.

Transponder keys, along with remote control keys are some of the most common types of new locking systems that have emerged in the last decades. However, there are still people who have not yet made the switch to them, or who simply never bothered to learn more about the way they work. Consequently, a lot of people are having problems distinguishing between these terms and confusing one with the other. In case of a real car lock emergency, not knowing exactly what you need help with could delay the work of an automotive locksmith.

Let's find out more about the transponder key VS car key remote topic and reveal the main differences between the two.

Basic Differences Between A Transponder Key And A Car Key Remote

  • Most of today's cars come equipped with portable remote keys that are replacing the traditional flat car key, as well as key-less transponder locks. This is extremely advantageous as it helps us say goodbye to physical keys to our cars. No metal key in our pockets means lower risks of losing, misplacing, or having them stolen. In other words, we can enjoy enhanced protection for our cars and deal with the dreadful car lockout scenarios less often.

  • The main thing that separates the transponder key from a car key remote is the fact that the transponder can unlock a car via a physical locking mechanism or key. The same key is also used to start the engine. A remote key, on the other hand, can unlock a car, but in case the remote control unit stops working, a flat metal key can be used instead.

  • There are also remote control keys that have a remote unit on the key's head, which practically turns the remote control key into a 2 in 1 device. Other cars use a built-in remote unit located inside the key itself. In case you are confronted with a remote malfunctioning, you can use a traditional key to unlock the car and prevent the alarm from going off.

Transponder Keys And Control Microchips

Remote transponder keys feature a control chip inside the unit. These chips are essential components of any security system in a car, as they offer an additional layer of protection against theft. They have a unique serial number written on them. This number is et during the original programming of the microchip/transponder system. Whenever you need to start the engine on your vehicle, this microchip will send a request to the car. This is a validation request for the respective serial number. Once the serial number is confirmed, the engine immobilizer will be automatically turned off, allowing the car to start. If the vehicle does not recognize the serial number, the engine will refuse to start. 

If you are driving a simple type of car with no buttons on the key, your key should be accurately cut in such a way that it can turn the locks, and be programmed to effectively disarm the immobilizer. All keys are programmed in a unique and different way, so the risk of theft is at a minimum.

Keep in mind when the transponder chip is broken or missing, the engine on your car will not start and the alarm will go off. Usually, this is a problem that requires the expertise of a skilled locksmith that specializes in transponder systems.

Luxury cars are equipped with these transponder systems precisely with the goal of keeping potential thieves away. A car that features such a system is a lot more difficult to be stolen without drawing a lot of attention on the act itself.

Transponder Key Servicing

As complex and useful a transponder key might be, it is not flawless or unbreakable. Repetitive use or improper manipulation could require repair or reprogramming work. It is best to hire the services of experienced and licensed locksmith companies in order to handle these types of issues. Your transponder key also needs constant maintenance in order to avoid unfortunate lockout accidents, especially when stranded somewhere far from home.

The On Time Locksmiths team only works with specialized tools and equipment for reprogramming transponder keys and fixing car key remotes and disarm the security system on your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with us today if you are dealing with any kind of problems with your transponder key or transponder system and we will be quick to assist you at a time that is most convenient to you. You can also schedule an appointment for maintenance or check-up. Do not forget to also have your car door locks, ignition, and trunk lock inspected for faults.

Car Key Remote Servicing

Car key remotes also require periodical repairs or replacement. Whether the key fob battery needs replacement, you are dealing with broken contacts or buttons that are improperly aligned, out you need professional car key remote reprogramming, make sure you only hire an expert locksmith to avoid any additional problems. If you do not have a backup remote you can use, a locksmith can also assist you and create a replacement remote in no time.

For help related to your car keys, whether transponder, car key remote or classic keys, call today! Our expert car locksmiths will head right over to assist you.

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