Home Flooding Alarm Systems

Contrary to popular belief, water leakage flooding is the main cause of home damage in the United States. We are not necessarily talking about naturally occurring types of floods, but about floods triggered by bursting water pipes inside the house. Other potential reasons for house floods can include obnoxious clogged toilet problems, broken water supply line emergencies, or faulty water heaters. This is where home alarm flooding systems come into the picture. A good flood sensor and a quality water leak detector will help you be one step ahead of these problems and stop them from wreaking havoc in your home. As you might have guessed by now, flood alarms serve similar purposes to fire alarms and smoke detectors.  Let's take a look at a few more details on how a smart water sensors works and whether it is worth investing in a home flooding alarm system.

What Are Smart Water Sensors and How Do They Work?

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In order to serve their purpose, water flood sensors need to be fitted in areas around the house where water damage is more likely to occur, such as inside the bathroom, beneath the sink in the kitchen, in the laundry rooms, or inside a water heater closet, to name just some of the most important locations for these sensors for obvious reasons.  A water leak sensor will let you know whenever it identifies water in these locations. Once this occurs, the home floor alarm will issue a warning, letting you know that there is a problem that requires your immediate attention. There are also flood detectors that can be used to measure the temperature inside a room and let you know whenever freezing temperatures are found. Why is this important? Because freezing pipes can easily crack and cause a flood, so being pro-active about this will help you during the winter.

Another reason why smart water sensors can be used is to inform you about potentially dangerous humidity levels that could cause mold inside the house. Opting for a smart flood sensor that features some more advanced features will bring you even more benefits. One of them refers to the automatic shut down of the water supply whenever needed. This feature is useful for all types of homeowners who are interested in keeping their home flood-free, but also for those owners who travel a lot and leave their homes unattended for long periods of time. Make sure you shop for a water detector that comes with a shut-off valve that uses smart sensors and proceed to install it on your own or let some trained plumbers handle it for you.

How Does A Water Leak Sensor Work?

Water leak sensors placed around various water fixtures and faucets work by assessing a water system starting at the main water supply and looking for leaks and other similar issues. Whenever a problem is found, the sensors will issue a signal that will immediately cause the valve to shut off the water supply. This way, a flood can be avoided and your home will be kept safe, whether you are there or not.  The sensors are fitted on the floors or carpeting with the help of velcro strips and they will be connected to a wireless transmitter. The respective transmitter along with its cable needs to be and its placed somewhere safe so that the water cannot touch it. More sensors can be added to this setup so that several rooms around the house can be surpervized for floods with the help of a single control panel.

Ideally, the distance between the wireless water leak sensor and the control panel should be less than one hundred meters and it can be obtained by using a wireless signal booster. Whenever one of the sensors detects a water leak, it will alert the control panel which will, in turn, send out alerts to you and other key-holders using text messages or phone calls.  Some water leak detector apps have special functions that will send an alert to your phone, letting you know that there is an issue with the water supply inside the house prior to shutting it off. There are also some even more complex water leak detector systems that trigger a larger number of warnings. However, they will tend to get pricier and you will also need to add the subscription fees to the final bill if you truly wish to take advantage of all of them.

Do Water Flood Alarms Have Other Functions?

Some models on the market can also play the role of door chimes or burglar alerts, as well as devices that can monitor the temperature inside the house and monitors that will let you know whenever you are dealing with a power surge. Do your research properly and you will benefit from a complex and trustworthy water leak detector app with surprise functions that will serve its purpose and do a little extra on the side.  It is also possible to find home flood alarms that can be coupled with wireless sirens and which can be easily programmed using built-in keypads and LCD displays. If you are looking for even more convenience when using these alarms, you could opt for one that can be operated with the help of remote controls. There is also the possibility to use water leak detectors that rely on keypads, timers, keypads, or text messages.

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