Security In Schools | The Best Educational Security Measures

Without a doubt, schools are supposed to be the safest, most convenient, and comfortable places where students can receive their education in a 100% crime-free environment. A school is expected to be a student's “home away from home”. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, and school violence, mass shootings, bullying, drug contraband problems, and confidential data theft are all harsh realities schools get hit with periodically.  The repercussions all these crimes can have on children, pre-teens, and teenagers, along with parents, the school staff, and the local communities are undeniably serious. Hence, the need for continuous educational security protocols and improved school safety procedures. Today, we are going to assess a few of the most common and effective school security solutions adopted by both public and private schools.

Physical School Security Measuresschool security

Both public and private schools have already started to implement a number of effective security solutions during recent years. However, as these threats tend to evolve and become more complex, there is also an increased need for counteractive measures to evolve accordingly. The simple use of commercial-grade 1 or grade 2 locks on the main entryways will not suffice. There is an increased need for advanced school locks, topped by surveillance systems, alarms, metal detectors, and security guards to maintain school buildings and campuses safe from typical hazards.  School security measures should also include the protocols for handling security incidents that could potentially lead to serious repercussions upon students and the staff. They should include a variety of solutions, such as access control restriction with the help of electronic keys or cards, law enforcement at the site, private security guards, and clear protocols on how to handle an active shooting incident, for example.

School Security Options Used By Educational Institutions In The US

Multi-layer Security Solutions

Using a single security protocol such as master door locks or CCTV surveillance cameras will not suffice. The complexity of today's educational security threats requires a multi-layered approach that can help school principals protect the buildings they are responsible for you against all potential threats. These threats could jeopardize both physical and virtual data, as well as student integrity and the school staff's well-being.

  • With the help of anti-malware and firewalls gateway products implemented for entire networks, including school tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and servers, schools need to protect their confidential data from third parties that are not authorized to access them.
  • It is crucial that all machines benefit from the same high levels of protection, whether it's school computers, machines that are owned with the help of school grants, computers owned by students, staff and faculty members, and the list goes on.
  • Critical data that is confidential, including student finances, grades, or personal information needs to be encrypted on secured servers, USB sticks, and smartphones.
  • Proper server room security should be ensured with the help of master locks, as well as surveillance solutions implemented by commercial locksmiths that are experts in educational security.
  • In colleges and universities, students can gain unobstructed access to building and campus areas where valuable equipment and sensitive scientific data are stored. The need to maintain an informal culture here makes it difficult to keep full and close track of those individuals who have the right to enter these areas and those who do not belong there.
  • Incidents such as acts of theft, vandalism, or aggression require complete solutions that should incorporate systems that can detect intruders, ensure access control, provide monitoring and surveillance solutions, as well as fire detection. It is vital that all of these solutions are implemented in such a way that they will dot, in any way, compromise, the open culture of the respective school.

The Use Of Access Cards To Ensure School Security

Access card solutions are excellent for managing electronic lockers belonging to students, as well as the security of schools. With the help of these solutions, the school security staff can be assisted in making better decisions and taking the most suitable type of action right on time during security emergencies or active incidents.  Commercial locksmiths that specialize in educational security solutions can recommend, implement, and maintain advanced access card systems for private and public schools.  Electronic locks and card access solutions are especially recommended on entryways that are not monitored full-time and should remain locked at all times, in order to limit unathorized access to the school.

Additional School Security Solutions For Enhanced Protection

Walk-through metal detector systems or physical searches should also be used on campuses and in colleges, elementary and K-12 schools prior to enabling students and faculty staff to enter the premises. This will limit the risk of shooting incidents and other violent acts.  Security guards, local authorities and professional locksmiths that are trained to plan and implement custom-made security systems should be encouraged to work together and allowed to use their synergy to keep the level of school crimes at a low.  Security guards can quickly identify all types of potentially dangerous activities and prevent them from becoming serious issues. Plus, they can also reinforce a higher level of security and peace of mind for students and the staff.  Fire alarms and security surveillance provided on a 24/7 basis by experienced security professionals will also help mitigate specific challenges and hazards in today's schools. The need to implement advanced communication solutions that can be shared and used by school stakeholders using phones, text messages, emails, fire systems, or digital display systems during a crisis is also critical.  With the help of advanced risk mitigation solutions and classrooms or on-campus security protocols, schools can reap the benefits of a more comprehensive safety approach.


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